Nick Burkhart

Geospatial technology and Web mapping specialist;
Administrator of Geospatial @ UCLA.

About Nick

Nick Burkhart (Ph.D. UCLA, 2016) is a geospatial technology professional, GIS and geography educator, and the academic administrator of Geospatial @ UCLA, a geospatial technology education program supported by the UCLA Department of Geography.

Nick specializes in the development of complex Web-based mapping and spatial data visualization platforms, though his interests, expertise, and experience extend in to the realms of mobile software development, game development, spatial data analysis, and Southern California politics.

Nick is available upon request for geospatial technology, data visualization, and Web mapping consulting.

Contact Nick

Feel free to email or call with any inquiries regarding geospatial technology consulting. Nick always welcomes comments, feedback, and ideas related to his work and all things geospatial! |

US +1 310 818 3671